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The Digital Afrikan is a multi-format digital publisher with a mission to drive digital transformation in South Africa and on the continent. We focus on the intersection between digital governance, the digital start-up ecosystem and the digital divide. Through content and publishing partnerships, we unpack how these key issues impact Africa’s ability to compete globally while protecting the digital rights and freedoms of its citizens.

The Digital Afrikan newsroom delivers op-eds and columns from experts, conducts investigations, analyses trends and policy changes and reports on corruption and incompetence via The Daily Maverick and Mail & Guardian. We will produce podcasts and host webinars via The Digital Afrikan website, YouTube and Spotify alongside a weekly newsletter.

Our editorial themes Covers the following topics;

  • Digital governance and public policy

  • Social and civic technology

  • The digital divide

  • The digital innovation ecosystem

  • AI in Africa

  • Digital politics

  • Digital citizenship, labour and productivity

  • Cyber security and privacy

Frame of Reference (F.O.R) is The Digital Afrikan’s youth desk. We deliver younger perspectives on the content produced by TDA alongside specific issues affecting younger people. F.O.R lives on youth oriented social media platforms (TikTok & Instagram) as well as podcasts.

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